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Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is a character created by the Australian comedian Jack Levi. Created with assistance from Australian comedy guru Pete Crofts, the Goblet character launched into the comedy scene with numerous TV performances on Hey Hey It's Saturday, The Eleventh Hour, Statesmen of Comedy and many other Australian TV variety and sketch shows.
After completing a Computer Science degree at Melbourne University and working for 14 years as as systems analyst and project leader at Telecom, Elliot Goblet, who was known as Jack Levi at school, became one of Australia's most original and best-loved comedians.

Elliot Goblet is best known for more than 60 stand-up comedy spots on national television, as well as his best selling book, ‘Business According To Goblet' and his two comedy albums- the Aria-nominated album ‘Internally Berserk' and the 2015 album ‘Goblet's Greatest Bits', featuring some of the best of Elliot Goblet.
Best known for his over 60 appearances as a stand up comedian on national television including Hey, Hey, It's Saturday and The Footy Show and guest actor appearances on Fat Pizza and Neighbours, he is also the author of a best-selling book, an ARIA-nominated CD, and was host of the Qantas in-flight audio comedy channel world wide.

The audience was impressed by Elliot Goblet's commentating on the computer industry, his knowledge of in-jokes and his insights into individual media charaters, which was achieved by very through research prior to the event as well as good industry knowledge.
Elliot Goblet, aka Jack Levi's, major strength at all of these events is his ability to include special material written for your event. Together with Mitchell Faircloth (aka "Slim Whittle"), Levi created the Crimson Goat Cabaret Club and they produced over 30 variety and cabaret shows.

Together with Mitchell Faircloth (aka Slim Whittle) he created The Crimson Goat Cabaret Club. He has also done guest appearances on celebrity TV game shows, Burke's Backyard, Neighbours and The Footy Show, as well as starring in lots of corporate videos and TV commercials in Australia and New Zealand.
Elliot Goblet is an incredible act, and very engaging with the audience pre- and post-event. He's one of Australia's most famous stand-up comedians, first appearing on Australian TVs in late 80s on the iconic show, ‘Hey Hey It's Saturday'. SHKK's top graduates are developed into professional stand-up comedians by Punchlines Comedy.

The character is known for the deadpan delivery of one-line jokes The style compares with the American comedian Steven Wright but developed independently citation needed At first Goblet appeared with round glasses and a goatee beard, but the beard was later removed.
90% of his work, however, is as a corporate entertainer at events including conferences, product launches, dinners and client parties (for nearly every one of Australia's top 200 companies), where you'll see a more animated and more personable Elliot Goblet.

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