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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line

Blessed with a group of dexterous professionals, our organization counted as main Exporter of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line in Shanghai, Shanghai, China. A rise in demand for mild development supplies meant for industrial facilities brought about that the co-homeowners purchased a line for the Production of sandwich panels with a polyurethane core, which was some of the fashionable and technologically superior strains in Europe.
It geared up with a convenient control panel (Control panel) as a way to easily adjust the various pu sandwich panel production line knowledge required for the firing process. The annual output contains 1.2 million meters of polyurethane sandwich panel, and 10 million tons of steel construction.

Inflexible polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating supplies and is therefore used within the type of steel composite components in industrial and cold storage development, in addition to in cooling chambers for supermarkets and in thermal assemblies for trucks.
No matter whether or not a Continuous or a discontinuous Production is required, our qualified specialists with long-standing expertise of the diverse Production calls for will discover the very best resolution to your product ideas. Kronn has the dynamism typical of an organization fashioned by a motivated and certified staff with years of expertise in the discipline of the lines for manufacturing insulated panels.
Machine is to make the sandwich panel with the colour metal sheet or galvanized sheet and the core of polyurethane discontinuously. During the movement contained in the 26-meter press, as the results of chemical components' reaction and foam expansion limitation, the panel form is fashioned.

The entry section comprises the equipment for dealing with the coil and processing the metal facings. Working for over 20 years based on our guiding principle "every little thing from a single source", we provide our clients full sandwich panel Production programs which give the proper tools for all Production levels and all handing techniques.
The continuous line PuMa (Italy) installed on the ProfHolod's plant, consists of a sequence of machines organized in practical groups and has the unified system for the method data administration. Within the HENNECKE GROUP, the portfolio of Continuous or discontinuous sandwich panel methods is solely distributed by HENNECKE-OMS, the world market chief in system options for the Production of sandwich panels.

The panels are formed by heating and pressing with high-depth glue , we produce the panels one after the other , it may well make the panels much more strong and good quality. One of the most desired panel manufacturing strains. The horizontal planes of the press include completely even steel plates, which provide the fixed panel thickness.
HENNECKE-OMS provides your complete gear for the metering, storage, transport, and monitoring of uncooked supplies and components The polyurethane metering machines are liable for the homogenous mixing of the reactive parts polyol and isocyanate, in addition to numerous additives (e.g. catalysts, blowing agents, curing agents, flame retardants).

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