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Trailers For Sale Australia

Australia Wide Trailer Hire, Vehicle Rental & More. That's why our camper trailers and box trailer are here - to facilitate exceptionally enjoyable journeys for you, your family and your friends, whether you're working on the road or taking a hard-earned vacation our trailers that are 100% Australian made are ready for the task at hand.
Our HQ caravans will enable you to go OFF-GRID with a perfect mixture of elegancy, luxury, strength, build quality, durability, topped off with European appliances boat trailer while finished off with an aerodynamic modern design. We pride ourselves on the quality service we offer on our range of premium trailers, parts and accessories.

If you are looking for a company that supplies tipper trailers in Perth, WA, CoastMac Trailers in an excellent choice. Whether you want something that's on our lot, or if you want a custom built trailer, we have everything you need right here on the Gold Coast.
Here at Trailer Supplies, we have top quality box trailers for sale in Brisbane, the perfect solution for businesses looking for a durable vehicle in optimal conditions for the transportation of merchandise, belongings and any other kind of loads. All tow bars made from 1992, an many made before, will have a plate attached that lists the maximum towing weight, the maximum ball load, and the make and model of vehicle the bar was designed for.

Utilising UHaul for a car carrying trailer on a one way hire was a great experience. Move Yourself hire 1000's of trailers and vehicles every week. All trailers are designed and manufactured on site which sets us apart from many others in the industry. We manufacture Off Road Caravans, Camper, Builder trailers, also Ute Extra Cabs, Custom Trays.
All our trailers are hot-dip galvanised and fully welded to meet the highest quality standards. U-Haul Australia is a highly recognised organisation offering trailer, ute and lawnmower hire's across Australia. Open car trailers are the cheaper option and are ideal for general vehicle transportation.
A standard car carrier trailer can come in many different designs. All products sold by Trailer Spare Parts Australia carry a 12 months warranty under our terms and conditions. Explore our selection of car trailers now and find the one best suited for your needs.

Ball Load is the amount of weight the fully laden trailer imposes (vertically) on the tow bar of the tow vehicle. Modifications and additions to the trailer can very quickly eat into its carrying capacity and result in an overloaded trailer, or the inability to legally carry necessary items.
GIC Camper Trailers are a long term player in a competitive industry and have been the supplier many have tried to emulate over the last ten years. We carry a large range of Car Trailers easily delivered Australia Wide and also CUSTOM BUILT to meet your requirements.

Other trailers cannot easily go off road but Black Series Camper Trailers offers a range of campers which are specifically designed to go off road. Payload is important for all trailers, however it is critical to campers and caravans, many of which have quite limited carrying capacity to start with.
If there are no trailer plate specs, it's not compliant with Australian towing regulations. Whether you are looking to keep it simple or want a customised trailer with all the bells and whistles, Australia Pacific Trailers can accommodate your needs. If you need to carry more than this you will have to upgrade to a braked and possibly a tandem trailer Remember the ATM includes the load carried and the weight of the trailer itself.

Northside Trailer Hire are now offering trailer servicing and minor repairs. All of our new camper trailers can have new wheels and tyres, jerry can holders, gas bottle holder, tailgate mounted kitchen, 65L water tank, swing up jockey wheel, and 500mm High sides on trailer.

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