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You might have heard about the great opportunity that Team National offers. When there are multiple jurisdictions, means a scam that pretends to be an MLM can often survive for a few years, suck in over a million members and hundreds of millions of dollars, even if it is an obviously illegal pyramid scheme, even by today's laws and regulations.
The MLM method of "throw the independent contractor newbies against the wall to see who sticks" may eventually find a few reps who stick around long enough to know their jobs and earn some money, but the reps and ultimately the consumers suffer until that's a reality, IF it ever is. Many people who come from MLM (and companies that are run like them) are surprised to hear that most reputable companies hire experienced salespeople and compensate them well from the start in order to retain them.

Although the company's membership program demonstrates clear value and is rather unique in the industry, reps - or Independent Marketing Directors (or IMDs) as they're referred to - who focus primarily on selling the membership or aspects of the membership in order to get sales will not make much money with Team National.
For the record, the DSA's own "Code of Ethics" includes an intriguing bit of double-speak entitled "Prompt Investigation and No Independent Contractor Defense" which states: "For the purposes of this Code, in the interest of fostering consumer protection, companies shall voluntarily not raise the independent contractor status of salespersons distributing their products or services under its trademark or trade name as a defense against Code violation allegations and such action shall not be construed to be a waiver of the companies' right to raise such defense under any other circumstance" ( ). How curious that MLMs can pawn responsibility for legal violations off on their "independent contractor" distributors (even whilst they verbally encourage their naive distributors to break the law), but their own industry organization won't permit them to do that for purposes of ethical violations.

I make good, not great money, but my 2 years in this industry has been nothing but positive from booking a trip were the couple got on a plane for the 1st time, and took their 1st trip to sponsoring a person in the French Caribbean that has grown a team of over 150 since February 2016.
Products: PreWorkout Pixie (fitness direct-to-mouth powder), OptimALL Nutrition Repair+ l-glutamine + fiber drink (drink mix), OptimALL Nutrition Digestwel+ chewable enzymes (digestive aid), team national reviews OptimALL Nutrition Pre+Probiotics (sprinkle sticks), Activate drink mix, Daily Indulge Meal Replacement (weight loss protein shake mix); Envai hair products; Reflexsyons anti-aging products.
Because the risks supposedly substantially decline below a minimum investment level, statutes defining business opportunities contain minimum initial investment threshold exemptions; the FTC's Franchise and Business Opportunity Rule of the time stated the minimum threshold as $500.

message board thread (Archived, so not all pages may show.) Long thread alleges: high pressure sales tactics; salespeople seem desperate; deceptive advertising; only way to make money is to recruit; cult mentality; high dropout rate; inferior products, training, and customer service.
Fast forward to 1927 (or 1934, since my sources seem to disagree), when a multilevel vitamin and supplements company called Nutrilite started as California Vitamin Corporation ( , ). Nutrilite's founder discovered that selling vitamins was difficult because they were largely unheard of at the time.
When then FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez took the stage at the Direct Selling Association's Business & Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. in October 2016, she did not mince words when it came to the widespread use of inappropriate earnings claims as a means of recruitment in the MLM industry.

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