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Your Own Solar Charger

One of the most interesting projects for both solar energy and do-it-yourself enthusiasts is learning how to build a solar powered battery charger. Most solar chargers are designed for 12 VDC, but we do have limited availability on a 24-volt panel Typically, when 24 volts or greater is needed, solar panels may be wired in series, or we can special order solar panels that are made to deliver more DC Volts such as 24V, 36V, 48V etc.
Any solar power pack without a battery can of course be paired with an additional power bank The downside of bringing a battery solar portable charger is weight and bulk, but it frees up your device during sunshine hours when you have the option of charging the battery instead.

No pollution released to the atmosphere when using portable solar charger and no chemicals leached into our ground water when discarded since we are using rechargeable batteries, so you contribute to keep environment clean, not to mention that you save money when you use a solar charger.
Those with a larger surface area also tended to do better in this metric, because there are more cells exposed to the sun at one time, which is a benefit of panels like the Powertraveller Falcon 40, which has tons of surface area and a large capacity.

Portable solar power is being utilized in developing countries to power lighting as opposed to utilizing kerosene lamps which are responsible for respiratory infections, lung and throat cancers, serious eye infections, cataracts as well as low birth weights.
Others: power switch, voltage selector switch (12V, 16V or 19V), 4 LED voltage level indicator, output voltage level indicator (12V, 16V or 19V), flash light, microUSB port for charging with cable, 10 laptop connectors with cable, AC adapter included.
Particularly in areas where there are prone to be blackouts or in cases of natural disasters, solar chargers can be a lifeline. Your panel if rated 4.4 amps each, and two of them should output approximately 35 to 52.8 amps back into the battery pack daily (dependent on sunlight condition).

The Neckteck is a small but powerful solar laptop charger, with the ability to take on any terrain, thanks to its rugged and thoughtful design. A convenient way to charge your car battery without ever having to remove it from the car is to use a 12 volt solar battery maintainer.
Keep in mind which of your devices need adapters - again, your best bet might be to power them from a battery pack charged by your solar panels as you will lose power in the conversion. As the name suggests, a solar power phone charger is a device that can charge your phone batteries by converting the power of the sun into electricity.

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